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Except for early stage or startup companies, we invest in companies at all stages of development. The investment size is typically between 1 and 3 mn €.

  • We focus on growth investments and do only exceptionally buy outs. All our investments are in equity or equity linked securities.
  • We invest in companies who provide products or services within niche markets having strong brands, competent management teams or other strategic advantages that facilitate strong growth and profit potential.
  • Our Investment horizon is between 3 and 6 years. We only invest in companies if a clear exit strategy is formulated and agreed upon.
  • We help our portfolio companies enhance value by developing it's strategy, optimizing capital structure, selecting senior personnel and supporting geographic and/or sector expansion. We seldom take operative management positions but typically have a strong representation on the Supervisory Board.
  • Our team has developed substantial expertise and a diverse portfolio of companies in areas such as media, food & beverage, automotive, logistics and distribution, specialty chemicals, financial services and information technology. We will continue to leverage our extensive knowledge, experience and network in these sectors as well as explore any industry which exhibits strong growth potential.
  • Our main regional Focus is Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, companies which are in reach of our offices in Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. We also review investment opportunities in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.


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